International Symposium on Green Chemistry - ISGC 2017

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 International Symposium on Green Chemistry - ISGC 2017

Dear colleagues,
The call for abstract to the International Symposium on Green Chemistry - ISGC 2017 / May 16th to May 19th La Rochelle, FRANCE - is open until October 31st 2016.
ISGC 2017 will welcome 280 oral and flash communications. The most innovative and recent works will be selected for publication in a themed issue of the Green Chemistry journal.

Submit your abstract

ISGC is one of the worldwide leading events in the field of green chemistry and gathers more than 800 attendees either from academia or industry. Organized around multi-parallel sessions, ISGC 2017 will cover a broad range of topics such as renewable carbon, smart use of fossil, eco-efficient processes, alternative solvents, polymers, catalysis, biotechnologies, mechanism investigations, non-thermal technologies and environmental impact of chemicals/processes ... 

9 plenary lectures : Prof. Roger Sheldon, Prof. Peter Wasserscheid, Prof Ye Wang, Prof. John Hartwig, Prof. Richard Alan Gross, Dr. François Monnet, Prof. Olivier Kappe, Prof. Chris Hardacre, Prof. Thibault Cantat.
13 keynotes : Firmeniche, ACD Pharma, Dupont, BASF, MANE, ...

All the invited speakers

New in 2017: ISGC-2017 has been thought as a cross-disciplinary platform and should offer to public and private scientists an ideal platform for sharing fundamental knowledge with industrial research and development stakeholders. In this context, ISGC creates the " Green Chemistry Challenge " : 1-to-1 meetingsexhibition areainnovation sessions and mentorship opportunities.



I do hope you will enjoy this unique moment to share your vision about green chemistry with other actors of the field and to contribute to create a sustainable future.

We look forward seeing you at this occasion in this beautiful part of France.

With best regards

Dr François Jérôme (chairman ISGC)
CNRS research director
Director of the FR CNRS INCREASE 3707
University of Poitiers / IC2MP, UMR7285


International Symposium on Green Chemistry - ISGC 2017
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